Tony Grayson

Welcome to, a website that is dedicated to the career and insights of veteran and business professional Tony Grayson. Tony Grayson realizes that it is important that military men and women have access to information which will enable their upward mobility after their service has ended and hopes that he can use this site as a resource for more information on how you can be successful. To this point, Tony Grayson of Oracle will update this website with information tailored towards veterans as well as his own professional insights that will help individuals forge successful careers in the business sector.

About Tony Grayson

Tony Grayson has over 25 years of technology and leadership experience. Through his career in the Navy and in technology, he has gained skills in edge, networking, sustainability, and commercial power. His skills in the data center industry include global strategy, project management, engineering, software, operations, telecommunications, financial management and much more. Tony Grayson has been responsible for leading multiple program, project, software, engineering, and operations teams at renowned companies such as Facebook, Oracle, and AWS.

Prior to entering the tech industry, Tony Grayson spent 20 years rising the ranks in the US Navy. He began as a Junior Officer in 1996, eventually earning the roles of Combat Systems Officer, Department Head Detailer, Executive Officer, Executive Assistant to FIFTH Fleet, and Commanding Officer before becoming the Deputy for Operations for 10 Submarines. Tony Grayson of Oracle maintains that the Navy prepared him for business development operations in a wide variety of ways, as the responsibilities and combination of soft and hard skills established in the military remain valuable in his field as well.

As a veteran of the US Navy, Tony Grayson has been successful in several technological jobs that built upon what he learned during his time in the military. He was the Global Director of Operations of Data Center Infrastructure at Facebook, Global Head of Design and Engineering for Network Scaling and Integration at Amazon Web Services, and finally as Senior Vice President of Physical Infrastructure for Oracle’s Cloud in 2020. What sets Tony apart is his vast experience with infrastructure technology, superb ability to lead teams, and his commitment to innovation and adaptability as he works to perform essential functions for companies.

Tony Grayson of Oracle Discusses High Paying Careers Perfect for Veteran’s Skillsets

As a veteran that has seen success forging a second career in the business world after his service, Tony Grayson realizes that there are many different jobs out there that are suitable for vets after they transition to their civilian lives. Tony speaks to how one of the best ways to get started is to consider some of the career opportunities that military work has prepared you for. Here, Tony Grayson of Oracle quickly looks at a few high-quality careers that may interest veterans, as well as how military life has prepared veterans to excel in these positions.

Business Development Manager

Veterans that have experience in leadership roles may consider work as a Business Development Manager because the position utilizes several skillsets that are honed within the military. For example, Business Development Managers need to be able to create strategies and work collaboratively with others to expand a business while also keeping others motivated to perform at their best. Most positions in the military necessitate that a person can focus on logistics while creatively working to solve problems, and these are skills that business developments also use every day to keep companies on an upward trajectory.

Project Manager or Program Manager

The military requires that members are detail-oriented and organized, both of which are soft skills that are extremely important to a Project Manager or Program Manager. These jobs need people who are able to multitask while pushing their teams to create the best results possible for clients, and Tony Grayson of Oracle recognizes that this is much easier when a person has a foundation in teamwork and organizational skills. Project Management pulls from several skillsets that veterans that had soldiers under their command during their time in the service needed as well. Keeping a team organized, prompt, and effective, are all goals that translate beautifully to business leadership.

Management Consultant

Management Consultants, sometimes referred to as Management Analysts, are crucial for businesses because they help organization reach their goals through methods such as increasing revenue, improving efficiencies for more streamlined operations, and identifying strategies that can be used to reduce costs. This career path is often attractive to officers or senior enlisted that have had experience managing people and resources, many of whom find that the business world is a great place to flex these skills for upward career mobility. Management Consultant careers are like many military jobs because of the emphasis on strategic thinking and collaboration to reach a common goal.

Tony Grayson of Oracle realizes that the above career paths are just a few examples of jobs that may be suitable for veterans returning to civilian life and careers within business. Depending on your natural talents, which skills frequently pulled from during your time in the service, and which you would like to keep homing in your next career, there are many different career paths that you can investigate.

Future Posts

Tony Grayson of Oracle realizes that many individuals want to learn more about the lives of veterans, the vast range of responsibilities of business professionals, and the correlation between these two spaces. For this reason, Tony wants to give those interested an inside look at a variety of resources that help put both spaces into context. Future posts will include topics such as how veterans can prepare to start a career path in the business realm, what transferable skills members of the military have that will prepare them for future employment opportunities, and the ways that veterans can utilize their resources to seek out fruitful opportunities when they are ready for the next chapter of their lives. If you are interested in learning more about veterans and business leadership from an expert like Tony Grayson, be sure to check pack soon for updates!