Tony Grayson of Oracle Discusses Which Industries Actively Hire Veterans

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When veterans finish their military service, they must begin the long and sometimes difficult transition back into civilian life. Often, the first step in this transition is finding employment within a compatible industry. When Tony Grayson of Oracle left the United States Navy after serving for more than 25 years, he hoped to continue to aid his fellow service-members within the private sector and look for employment opportunities in companies that had active contracts with the US Navy. While Tony Grayson of Oracle recognizes that only service members will know which industry will fit best for them post-service, he hopes to share some of the top hirers with readers to help service members make more informed decisions regarding their civilian careers. 

Information Technology

Today, the United States military is one of the most technologically advanced organizations in the world. The US military’s annual spending on defense science and technology has grown over the past four decades from roughly 2 billion in 1978 to 13.4 billion in 2018. Now that the majority of the US’s defense is digital, a significant number of service members have been extensively trained in technology positions, more so than the average civilian. As most American jobs today rely to some degree on technology, veterans are often well equipped to operate digital equipment and networks, maintain, and develop computer systems, and analyze data. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs within the technology sector are expected to grow by 6 percent in upcoming years. While many of these positions’ salaries will vary on title and job responsibilities, service members are encouraged by many leading tech companies to apply. 


Thanks to the solid technical emphasis in military training, veterans often have a significant advantage when applying for jobs within the medical field. In addition to providing veterans with a strong foundation in medicine, military training also helps veterans develop a greater skill level in regard to problem-solving, leadership, and working well under pressure. Whether veterans are working directly in medical positions or administration, logistics, medical research, or general management, these skills make veterans prime candidates for healthcare positions. 

Government and Public Administration

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, today, veterans make up close to a quarter of all government workers. In recent years, the federal government has made public its preference for veteran applicants. It shows excellent determination for providing veterans with ample employment opportunities. Additionally, positions within the government give the veterans various benefits ranging from competitive salaries to exceptional healthcare. 

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